Quick Trip to Walmart

I ran to Walmart last night to use my Libby’s coupons before they expired. I also picked up some Coffee-Mate Creamer using the BOGO Coupons.  (I took the creamer out of the freezer in case you are wondering why they look so frosty) Some people become frustrated when they are not able to get everything free like they see on extreme couponing but that is not reality.  This is !  If I went to Walmart and purchased creamer at regular price I would be paying 1.98 each.  Using coupons and price matching, I was able to pick them up for .75 each.  Not free but a great deal. 

Here is what I got:

20 Cans of Libby’s Vegetables @.60 = 12.00

Used 5) $1/4 coupons

Total = $7 (35¢ each)

10 Coffee-Mate Creamers @ 1.50 (priced matched with Walgreens) = 15.00

Used 5 BOGO coupons

Total= 7.50 (75¢ each)

TOTAL SAVED $12.50 (46% savings)

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